Nature Care
Nature Care


Sometimes you need not only to protect wounds from bacteria, stabilize joints, or clean wounds, but ensure that what you use is 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. That’s why we created the Nature Care, an eco-range of products. Enjoy to your and the Planet’s benefits.

Nature Care products

Bamboo Plaster

Nature CareBamboo Plaster

Enjoy a self-adhesive, breathable plaster made of 100% bamboo fibers in its wound pad and backing material parts.

Cotton Bandage

Nature CareCotton Bandage

If you look to fix primary and secondary dressings, or you need to stabilize your joints or muscles, or you want to make a light compression, use Nature Care Cotton Bandage.

Cotton Gauze

Nature CareCotton Gauze

Enjoy a single use skin-friendly gauze made of 100% cotton which is a biodegradable material.

Cotton Tape

Nature CareCotton Tape

Need an eco-friendly* tape that adheres to secure wound dressings, gauzes, catheters or cannulas and at the same time is easy to tear by hand? Here comes Nature Care Cotton Tape, our adhesive, conformable fixation tape